50cc Motorscooter rentals, Yamaha BWS 49cc gas powered scooter for rent

Why Rent a Scooter in Nanaimo?


Scooters are the perfect way to cruise Nanaimo's scenic streets while taking in the sites up close.

Our staff at Tuff City Powersports have dedicated several years of their lives to the rigorous study of scooters. The end result of  this research was that we have scientifically proven a scooter ride with your friends is in fact the most fun you can have on two wheels.

All of our scooters are 49cc, gas powered, fully automatic. They are easy to drive and only require a regular car driver's license to ride!  The Yamaha BWS is ideal for those looking to share the scooter experience. This sporty little machine will carry two people all day long on your two-wheeled adventure, although previous experience operating a scooter with a passenger on board is required for this model.

Why rent a Scooter?
If you're still not convinced yet and are asking yourself  "Is this for me?" here are just a few of our reasons why to rent.

Easy way to see the sights
We are lucky to call Nanaimo our home! It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world offering the perfect mix of ocean, forests and urban sights. The only downfall is that these gorgeous views are spread out and can be difficult to get to difficult to get to by public transit or car. A scooter is the perfect vehicle to get you to each sight, zipping past traffic and having a blast doing it.

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face
Even if you're a local getting a gang of your friends together and hitting the mean streets with a pack a scooters can be a great way to rediscover your own backyard.

No experience? No worries!
Free training is included with every rental and we will do our best to get you as comfortable as possible before we get you on the road



Tuff City Powersports Rental Policies


All renters are subject to the following policies

  • A DOT Helmet must be worn at all times during operation.
  • Zero alcohol consumption while operating the vehicle (no exceptions).
  • Renters and passengers must read and sign the rental agreement, and liability release.
  • Traffic & parking violations are the responsibility of the renter. Undeclared parking tickets not paid by the renter will be charged to the renter, and will include an additional $40.00 processing fee.
  • If, for any reason, upon the return of the rented scooter Tuff City Powersports Ltd is unable to perform an immediate inspection of the vehicle, Tuff City Powersports Ltd will hold the deductible until it has an opportunity to conduct an inspection to a maximum of 48 hours.
  • Renters and passengers who have signed the rental agreement and liability release are the only persons allowed to operate, or ride, on the rented motorcycle or scooter.
  • Operation of a scooter on off-paved roads will result in a penalty payable to Tuff City Powersports Ltd. The amount shall determined by staff athe time of return and will cover any damages sustained.


Requirements and Licensing

  • A valid driver’s license or novice license is required for all scooter rentals. Renters with a learner’s license are not permitted to rent a scooter.
  • Any driver of a scooter must be at least 19 years of age, or have a legal parent or guardian present at the time of rental to sign a liability release on behalf of the minor.
  • A valid International Driver’s Permit is required for licenses that do not meet Canadian standards.
  • The renter must be qualified and possess the required skills and experience to safely operate the scooter they wish to rent. The renter represents that they possess the necessary qualifications, required skills, and experience to safely operate the rental motorcycle or scooter.



  • The renter is responsible for checking engine oil levels at each refueling and reporting mechanical issues as soon as possible. Instructions and procedures for maintenance are provided at pick-up. Failure to do so resulting in damage to the rental will be charged to the renter.
  • The renter should contact Tuff City Powersports Ltd for assistance or information relating to the rental and will be provided with Tuff City Powersports Ltd contact numbers for support in case of any incident.
  • No off-road coverage.
  • In the event of an accident the renter will be responsible for all costs incurred in the retrieval and repair of the motorcycle.


Flat Tires

  • If you have a flat tire, please call Tuff City Powersports Ltd at (250) 591-0415 to arrange to have the rental unit picked up.
  • Patches and tire repair kits are to be used only in emergency situations and are not acceptable for extended riding. The renter must have previous experience and training with such kits. The renter accepts full responsibility and liability under such conditions, as well as the cost of the replacement tire specified under the conditions stated above.


Frequently Asked Questions about our Rentals:




Q:  Do you have late night drop offs?

A: We do not have late night drop offs. We require that a Tuff City employee is present to check you in, and to perform a thorough inspection of the equipment.  We also want to ensure that you have had a great trip!


Q:  Can you deliver the bike to my hotel?

A: We cannot deliver equipment to your hotel. We require that the renter, and if applicable, the passenger are present at the time of rental to fill out contracts. While you are at the shop we can outfit you with proper fitting riding gear, and make any adjustment to the bike so you can have the best experience possible.



Q:  Do I need a special class of driver’s licence to ride your rental scooters?

A: You must posses a valid class 7(N) or class 5 driver’s licence to rent a scooter. Our scooters are considered a limited-speed motorcycle because they have an engine displacement of 50cc and a a maximum speed of 60 km/h.


Q:  Is there a minimum rental time?

A: Yes, due to the paperwork required and our check-in and out process we go through with each scooter we require a minimum rental time of 1 hour and each subsequent hour can be added on.


Q:  What about fuel, and what grade does it take?

A: When you receive the Scooter from us, it will have a full tank. Please return it the same way, with a full tank of gas so it is ready for the next person to ride.  Our Scooters hold 5 liters of fuel and we ask to only premium fuel will be used with an Octane rating of at least 91.


Q: What time do you open and close?

A: We open at 9am and close at 5pm Tuesday to Saturday, closed Sunday + Monday.

Therefore we do not allow sooters to be picked up before 9:30am and they must be returned by 4:30pm. This gives staff a chance to inspect the Scooters and complete the proper paperwork. Outside of these hours and public holidays are by appointment only.


Q: Can two people ride on a scooter?

A: Yes, as long as your combined weight does not exceed 150kg (300 lbs).


Q: Damage Security / Credit Cards accepted?

A: For the purpose of Damage Deposit each Rental Unit MUST be secured with a credit card.  The rental fees do not have to be paid for with the credit card, this is for Damage deposit only. We only accept VISA/Mastercard for Damage Deposits.  The credit card must be present with Picture ID at the time of the rental. No exceptions allowed.


Q: Will you deliver the Scooters to us?

A: No, we are not able to offer this service.


Q: Do I pay at the time of pick-up or drop-off?

A: We require payment at the time of pick-up.  If you require the Scooter for a longer period of time than orginally anticipated, the remainder of the balance can be paid upon the return of the unit.  If you originally rented the Scooter based on an hourly rate and it approaches the day rate, we will gladly apply the best suiting rate for you.


Q:  Do you charge for excess kilometers?

A:  No, the Scooters have unlimited mileage.


Q: Do you have late night drop offs?

A: We do not have late night drop offs. We require that a Tuff City Powersports employee is present to check you in, and to perform a thorough inspection of the equipment. We also want to ensure that you’ve had a great trip!  Therefore, please make sure that the Scooter(s) are returned to our shop by no later than 4:30 pm unless you have a 24hour rental.


Q: Are DOT helmets provided and included in the rental price?

A: Yes, we have a large selection of DOT approved helmets available and this is included in the rental price.


Q: Are there any restrictions on where I can go on the scooter?

A: The scooters are considered limited speed vehicles and reach a maximum speed of about 65km/hr, which means they are not permitted on highways. Also, scooters cannot be driven or parked on sidewalks or pathways, and we do not allow scooters or any of our vehicles to be used off-road.  We ask that all of our scooters stay within the greater Nanaimo region and trips to Nanoose, Parkville, Victoria, etc are not undertaken.


Q: Can I drive a rental motorcycle or scooter off road?

A: Rental Scooters are NOT allowed to travel on off-paved roads, including logging roads. We place these restrictions so we can keep our equipment in the best possible condition. For more information, please visit our policies page.


Q: Do you offer discounts for groups?

A: Please contact the staff at Tuff City Powersports in advance if you are planning a group event, birthday parties or a corporate event, so that we can decide how to best serve you.


Q: Do you provide luggage cases/storage?

A: All of our Scooters come equipped with either factory luggage or high quality aftermarket luggage.  Depending on the model there is some under-seat storage as well as rear-mounted luggage trunks.  If you need to know the exact size of the luggage on the Scooter you are renting please ask at the time of booking. All luggage cases comes free of charge.


Q: How far will a scooter go on one tank of gas?

A: On average you should be able to travel at least 120km on a 5.0L tank of gas, however you should always carefully monitor your gas gauge.  All Scooter will come with a full tank of gas and must be returned with a full tank of gas to avoid re-fueling fees.


Q: I have never ridden a scooter before, can I still rent?

A: Of course! The helpful and professional staff at Tuff City Powersports are happy to show you how. From controls to driving we make sure you’re comfortable with the scooter before we get you on the road!


Q: What should I bring?

A:  The two most important things you will need to rent are a valid driver’s licence and a credit card. We recommend long sleeve pants and a shirt, with sturdy footwear. DOT approved helmets are provided free of charge.  Outside of that a camera and a sense of adventure are always recommended!


Q: Where should I ride?

A: Check out our suggested routes page for trip and route ideas. Feel free to ask our staff if you need help planning a route for your trip.


Q: What should I wear while on a scooter?

A: We do not have any requirements on what you need to wear during a rental, although we do have some suggestions. In the summertime we recommend that you wear jeans or shorts, closed toed shoes and have a sweater along just in case. In spring or fall you should dress warm, we recommend that you bring along a warm waterproof jacket and gloves. DOT helmets must be worn at all times by both driver and passenger.


Yamaha BWS Scooter
Yamaha BWS Scooter
Yamaha BWS Scooter
Yamaha BWS Scooter
Yamaha BWS Scooter
Yamaha BWS Scooter

Yamaha BWS - Two Seater

The BWs is perfect for those couples who want to explore Vancouver on one scooter.   This sporty little scooter is powerful enough to take the two of you anywhere you want to go with a 300lb limit.  The BWs also has a large under-seat storage area for any souvenirs you may pick up along the way.

Rate Details: 

First Hour

  • Includes insurance & training

Additional Hours

  • Additional hours billed until the daily maximum is reached

Same Day

  • Earliest pickup 9:30am, return 30min prior to closing
  • Maximum rate paid for same date rental
  • Includes insurance and helmets

24 Hrs and Multi Day Rentals

  • 24hr rental periods starting from the time you pick up
  • Includes insurance and helmets

Insurance Coverage

  • Included in the first hour
  • Coverage:
    • $2 Million dollars third party legal liability


Rates Schedule:  

Yamaha BWS 49cc Scooter              RATE             TOTAL inc. TAX
First Hour: $30 $33.60
+ 1 Hour: $15 $16.80
Full Day: $70 $78.40
Overnight: $85 $95.20
Weekly Rate: $289 $323.68


Tech Specs:

Seating Capacity

49cc 2-stroke, air-cooled with fan assist, reed-valve, single

Fully automatic, 1 speed, gas & go!

Fuel Capacity/ Range
1.5 gallons / 5.7 L , 210 miles / 110 km

Seat Height
30.1 in / 76.5 cm

207 lbs / 94 kg

Contact Information

Tuff City Powersports is located in downtown Nanaimo, right accross from the Sprott-Shaw Community College.

Address:151 Terminal Avenue
Nanaimo, BC Canada
V9R 5C6
Telephone: 250-591-0415
E-mail: sales@tuffcitypowersports.com

Tuff City Shop Hours:
Tuesday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Closed Sunday

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