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Motorino Xpn in Black
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Motorino Xpn
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Motorino Xpn in Black
Motorino Xpn in Burgundy
Motorino Xpn in Burgundy
Motorino Xpn in Burgundy
Motorino Xpn in Burgundy

The Motorino XPn's vintage body styling and robust chassis are both supplied by motorcycle factories; offering a solid, stable and comfortable ride. The XPn has a powerful headlight, large gauges and chrome trim creating a vintage aesthetic, reminiscent of the 2010 Yamaha Vino. Its longer wheelbase and ergonomic seat can comfortably carry two riders, even up hills, and is well proportioned for both tall and short riders.

Building on the success and popularity of our XPv we have introduced the XPn; the second MOTORINO to feature an elegant vintage aesthetic.

It is slightly bigger than the XPv and it is designed to comfortably accommodate a rider and passenger. It has the same CCT driving system as all XP models; a drive system which for a second year since its debut has proved itself to be very powerful, efficient and reliable.

Thanks to this unique CCT controller and its powerful brushless motor, Motorino riders can effortlessly ride their bikes up the steepest gradients without draining their battery as drastically as with a regular driving system. You can travel one hundred kilometres with a dual battery pack without sacrificing torque or speed.

The regenerative CCT brakes efficiently recover braking force, converting the bike’s inertia into electricity which is returned to the battery. When immediate stopping power is needed simply engage the brake handles to activate the powerful, self-adjustable hydraulic disc brakes found on the front and rear wheels. Both are equipped with ABS (Antilock Braking System) seen only on high grade motorcycles.

This model, which has already enjoyed global popularity as a 150CC motorcycle now enters into a new age of practicality as an electric power-assisted bicycle. Incorporating years worth of engineering improvements in Greenwit Technologies’ CCT driving system the XPn combines the power and presence of a motorbike with the practicality and affordability of a power-assisted bicycle.

Read all the rules about Electric Assisted Scooters here:  Motor Vehicle Act (Motor Assisted Cycle Regulation)

Dimensions & Weight

  • without battery: 68kg
  • with battery: 90kg
  • Loading capacity: 120kg

Power System

  • 500W 48V oversized high torqueCCT brushless regenerative motor
  • Max torque –66 Nm
  • Motor consumption: 1000W/H per 100km
  • Motor Controller: CPU controlled, CCT regenerative, programmable
  • Battery - 48V 20AH SLAVR and 48V/14AH*
  • Battery capacity: 1056Wh/1768Wh*
  • Battery protection: Low voltage cut off protection
  • Charger: 3A input AC 100 - 240V, output DC 53V
  • Charging: through 48V terminal on board
  • Charging time: 4-7 hrs with standard
    and 2-4 hrs with rapid charger*
  • DC/DC 48/12V 10A converter
  • 12V/10A cigarette lighter plug inverter*
  • Circuit protection: automatic breaker

Tires & Wheels

  • 10” aluminum motorcycle wheel
  • Tubeless all weather 3.5” wide tires
  • Motorcycle grade DOT approved


  • Mechanical: front and rear hydraulic disk brakes with ABS (Anti-Lock Braking system)
  • Electric: front and rear regenerative

Body & Chassis

  • Colors: Smoked Steel, Olive Green, Caribbean Blue, Metallic Burgundy
  • Shell: Composite ABS with two coats epoxy paint
  • Frame: Motorcyclegrade high tensile steel frame
  • Hydraulic front suspension, 2 shock absorbers per wheel
  • Safety: Side mirrors, front and back turn signals, tail and brake lights, horn


  • Built-in motorcycle remote alarm with immobilizer
  • Locks on battery compartment and under seat storage
  • Handlebar locking

Standard Features

  • Lights: Head – high/low beam, direction lights, tail, brake - 12V bulbs
  • Side Mirrors
  • Dashboard indicators: speedometer, battery capacity indicator, turn signals indicators
  • Pedals: Clip type
  • Seat : Double seat 82cm above ground
  • Storage: under the seat and rear box

Accessories included

  • Built in remote vibration sensitive alarm with two remote controls
  • Rain cape – poncho type with hood and window for head light
  • Rain cover for the bike
  • Tubeless tire repair kit

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