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Motorino XPe in Green
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motorino scooters nanaimo
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Motorino Xpe in Green
Motorino Xpe in Green

The MOTORINO XPe has been released to meet the request of our customers for a compact e-scooter featuring a lower seat height. Although it is designed to be compact, it can accommodate two people while the Honda designed frame retains its rigidity providing a smooth, confident ride not seen in our competitors' models. The Motorino XPs' batteries are positioned under the seat in two separate boxes which can be easily removed and charged off the e-scooter.

MOTORINO™ XPe - A No Nonsense Daily Driver

Light and Compact, with European Flair

With its cheeky, voluptuous styling, the MOTORINO XPe is bursting with joie de vivre. Smaller and lighter than most other MOTORINO XP models, it’s nimble and easy to park anywhere. Lower seat height better suits shorter riders and with the support of the adjustable rear shocks it can carry two people. Since it was designed with city-living in mind, the battery pack is user-removable so it can be charged off-bike or quickly swapped.

The XPe features a digital gauge pod and, like all XP-series MOTORINOs, incorporates our high performance CCT Drive System, ABS-equipped hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, hydraulic telescopic front suspension, adjustable-preload rear shock absorbers, and alarm system.

Read all the rules about Electric Assisted Scooters here:  Motor Vehicle Act (Motor Assisted Cycle Regulation)

Dimensions & Weight

Weight (without battery pack): 65.1kg (144lb).
Standard lead-acid (SLA) 48V 20A-h battery pack: 27kg (60lb).
Optional LiFePO4 (lithium) 48V 26A-h battery pack: 14kg (31lb).
Wheelbase: 124cm (49”).
Overall length: 178cm (70”).
Maximum payload capacity, including rider(s): 135 kg (300 lb).

Power System

Battery Pack

Standard Equipment: 48V 20A-h sealed lead-acid (SLA) main.
Optional: 48V 26A-h Lithium Ion (LiFePO4) main.


40A resettable circuit breaker, low-voltage cut-out (by controller), LiFePO4-only: internal over and under voltage cut-out.


Standard SLA: Outboard, 48V 3A Automatic Charger, 120VAC input ~7.5-hour charge time.
Optional SLA: Outboard, 48V 4A Automatic Charger, 120VAC input ~5.5-hour charge time.
Optional Lithium: Outboard, 48V 5A Automatic Charger, 120VAC input ~6-hour charge time.



Mechanical: front and rear hydraulic disk brakes with ABS (Anti-Lock Braking system).
Electric: regenerative, acting on rear wheel (via hub motor), triggered by front or rear brake actuation.


Front: direct-acting twin internal spring/hydraulic shock.
Rear: trailing arm twin adjustable-preload coil-over spring/hydraulic shocks.

Front Tires:

Tire: 3.5x10”tubeless motorcycle-grade DOT-spec.
Wheel: 2.15x10” cast alloy.

Rear Tires:

Tire: 3.5x10” tubeless motorcycle-grade DOT-spec.
Wheel: 2.15x10” steel rim with integral motor, alloy side plates.

Body & Chassis

Available Colours

Matte Black


Analog Speedometer/Odometer, Volt Gauge, Turn Signal/High Beam Indicators.

Safety equipment

Dual rear-view mirrors, horn, dual high/low beam headlights with running light, front and rear turn signals, tail light, brake light.


Built-in vibration sensitive alarm system with two remote controls, steering Lock, helmet lock.

Included Accessories

12V electric tire inflator, with pressure gauge.
Riding rain cape.
Full-scooter poncho with hood and window for head light.
Scooter parking cover.
Tubeless tire repair kit.

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