Beta 250/300 RR



skyteam dirtbike nanaimo
2016 Beta 250/300RR Oil injected right side
SkyTeam Dirtbike Nanaimo
2016 Beta 250/300RR Race Oil injected left side
2016 Beta 250/300RR Race Oil injected factory
2016 Beta 250/300RR Race Oil injected factory
2016 Beta 250/300RR Race Oil injected factory
2016 Beta 250/300RR Race Oil injected factory
2016 Beta 250/300RR Race Oil injected
2016 Beta 250/300RR Race Oil injected

The 2016 RR Enduro 2-stroke range has also evolved, all standard 2 stroke models will now feature oil injection. The objective here is to increase the smoothness and improving power from the bottom to the top end making the "right" power available to the rider at all times and under any condition.

BETA 250/300 RR 2016

Automatic Oil Injection System

The big news for the 2016 RR Enduro 2T models is the introduction of Beta’s electronic oil injection system on both the 250 and 300 RR models. This system was introduced in 2015 on the Xtrainer model and has proven to be a huge success among Beta owners. This new feature ensures a perfect fuel-oil mix under any conditions and engine speed while saving riders from having to pre-mix.

This new system also reduces 50% of the smoke from the exhaust compared to a traditional pre-mixed two stroke as the system is managed by an ECU with integrated mix and engine control which is able to measure the oil based on the engine’s revs and engine load measured by the TPS (Throttle Position System).

RR 2 Stroke Engine Updates:

The mapping of the ECU has been modified for both the 250 and the 300, significantly increasing performance at higher revs while further refining the power and torque curve that Beta is famous for.

Various changes have been made to the 250 RR engine regarding the height of the cylinder transfer ports, the geometry of the head and the calibration of the exhaust power valve. This change provides an increase in performance at low and medium speeds making the engine power delivery more linear and improving the bike’s ease of use.

New thermostat housing with four screws to improve durability.

RR 2 Stroke Chassis Updates:

The main frame has a stronger top shock mount to improve strength of the frame while also improving the feel of the chassis under the most demanding situations. 

The air filter box has been improved in terms of its water drainage. Also new are the air box cover fasteners that provide a more secure and dependable system.

The front fork has been improved by increasing the size of the cartridge bleed hole to allow better oil flow during bottoming. Other changes include a longer spring guide to provide smoother action and lastly a more durable top-out spring has been installed.

The odometer instrumentation is updated and integrates the lights indicating low oil level and separate oil injection system diagnostics.

Grips with the Beta logo embossed in.

The graphics retain the classic and distinctive Beta colors characterizing the Italian heritage. Even more stunning are the front fork tubes now with gold anodizing to match the rear shock reservoir.

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